PM Optimization Strategies: 2500 Labor Hours Saved in Two Exercises

LAI Reliability Systems, Inc. recently completed a Preventive Maintenance Optimization Bootcamp for a multi-site international manufacturing corporation that achieved a phenomenal 2500 hours of labor savings through completing just two PMO exercises in two days. These savings are totals for only one site and will be applied to all nine of the corporation’s North American plants in a coordinated PM Optimization implementation strategy. Results were achieved by applying LAI’s proprietary PMOptimization System to two highly leveraged assets in a two-day hands-on workshop conducted by Ed Stanek, Jr, LAI’s President.

Some think of PMO as a way to “tweak” a maintenance program to save a few hours per year or to spread out the frequency of existing PM’s.  If asked, they might say that they are currently achieving 70% to 80% efficiency in their work processes.  That would be great, but the reality is that the average maintenance productivity only achieves a staggeringly low 25%. Where did the other hours go?  The answer is in non-value added activities, many of which reside in the Preventive Maintenance program, thus the need for PM Optimization.  The problem is universal;  most PMs were originally developed by using equipment manuals written by technical writers, through anecdotal notes jotted down on work orders by craft, or through knee-jerk reactions to production problems where the PM keeps growing and growing.

LAI has written a whitepaper case study about these savings that we'd like to invite you to download.  Click here to download this whitepaper.

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